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Kanazawa/ Ishikawa Ryokans

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Wakura Onsen - Tadaya Ryokan

Stroll along the ancient roads less traveled and head to an area on western coastline of Japan, Wakura Onsen. Here, enter one of the most magical experiences that Wakura Onsen has to offer and imagine sitting down in a sublime hot spring, watching the sun setting over Nanao bay and the hills that border Sea of Japan. Turn what, previously, could have only been considered as a day-dream and create unforgettable reality and stay at Tadaya Ryokan, Wakura Onsen.

Experience a taste of ancient Japan by staying in a traditional ryokan, a time honored style of accommodation which see guests sleep on futons laid out of exquisite tatami matting. Providing guests with luxury ryokan accommodation is craft which is honed over many years and having opened their doors in 1885, Tadaya can only be described as masters of the ryokan style.

Wakura Onsen is a premium destination for onsen hot springs. The township has many different baths to choose from and these onsen have a particularly high mineral content which aids in the rejuvenation of your skin and muscles. Another particularly excellent facet of Tadaya Wakura Onsen is the fine selection of local produce and unique seafood, harvested from the sea of Japan and served in kaiseki style. A wonderful treat to round off a magical stay. 
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Yamanaka Onsen - Kayotei Ryokan

One part of traveling is immersing yourself in foreign lands and understanding the roots of where you are at any particular moment in time. However, occasionally, you come across capsules of untouched beauty, areas of our wonderful planet that have seemingly escaped the grasp of time and continued to thrive in an old world environment. This is a perfect description for the village of Yamanaka Onsen in the Ishikawa prefecture and more prominently, Kayotei ryokan.

Kayotei is a luxury ryokan with only 10 suites, providing guests with a unique and intimate environment for you to understand and connect with the ancient soul of Japan. Kyotei, being a ryokan, specialises themselves in the unique Japanese hospitality with warm and friendly approach, yet disciplined and precise in their service. This is evident through services such as their meticulous turn down service which will see staff set up your futons over the beautiful tatami matting.

One of the most magical elements of your stay at Kayotei is their connection to Japanese heritage. Roaming the halls of Kayotei is a journey through Japan’s rich history, discover fine pottery, antique tansu, original artworks and painted screens all within the confines of your accommodation. This creates a truly fabulous environment for guests to relax and gain a true appreciation for the country of Japan. 
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Kanazawa Chaya Ryokan

Kanazawa, colloquially known as little Kyoto, is a city on the western coastline that has a unique blend of ancient and modern Japan. Bustling train stations are met with beautiful gardens in a vicarious harmony that is rarely seen around the world. Take the opportunity to explore this wonderful city and stay in one of the finest ryokans in Kanazawa, Chaya.

Located just outside Kanazawa station, Chaya offers a luxury ryokan experience for travelers looking to unwind and relax in what can only be described as a true, authentic Japanese experience. Aside from unbridled luxury, chaya is also an intimate ryokan with only 18 rooms on offer. Each room is furnished with a minimalistic style which aptly conveys the feeling of Edo period Japan, however, the inclusion of modern luxury amenities has made Chaya one of the most famed ryokan’s in Kanazawa.

True to the ryokan style, Kanazawa Chaya has a superb restaurant that serves up a multi-course meal, commonly known as kaseki. This kaseki style meal embraces the wonderful local produce that the greater Ishikawa region produces, including fresh seafood from the sea of Japan. Not only a feast for the taste buds, these meals are presented on some of the highest quality kutani-yaki ceramics. 
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Beniya Mukayu Ryokan

Located in the central mountains of Ishikawa prefecture, Beniya Mikayu is a intimate, cozy 17 room wellness resort that embraces its location and connection to nature. Enjoy the lovely setting of Camellia, Cherry, Maple and Red Pine trees that are alight with colour and vibrancy throughout the year. The architectural concept is centered around the idea that you can spend time tuning into the rhythms of nature and leave behind your daily routine, which its open air environment accentuates.

Beniya Mukayu comprises of multiple accommodation styles, including Japanese, Western and Combination styles. Japanese style accommodation see’s guests sleep on comfortable futons laid out over traditional Japanese matting called tatami. Western style is an adaptation of a classic style hotel with comfortable bedding and amenities, with the mattress on low frame and a minimalist design. Combination rooms are the culmination of Japanese style and Western comfort.

Luxury accommodation cannot be complete without an exquisite dining option, which Beniya Mukayu is dedicated to offering to all of their clientele. Absolutely committed to providing a dining experience with the highest level of affection and care, shown through the selection of magnificent local produce and its presentation on incredibly intricate and beautiful Kutani or Yamanaka pottery or lacquerware. Each meal has the option to pair a handpicked beverage to full accentuate your chosen dish which include options such as wine and sake, among others. 

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