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Hokkaido Ryokans

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Hokkaido - Noboribetsu

Takinoya Ryokan

Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, offers travelers a marvellous off the beaten track option to explore some of the most beautiful natural sights that Japan has to offer. Takinoya is the perfect choice of property for guests to explore during the day and relax in the evening. The area of Noboribetsu is particularly popular in Spring and Summer, teaming  with tourists and locals alike.

Within the walls of Takinoya lies an elegant and sophisticated environment, with a style that is both refined and tasteful. Walls donned in modern and ancient japanese art, minimalistic furniture and a slimline modern design that is at the heart of Japanese architecture. Enjoy the niche experience of staying in traditional Japanese style accommodation, where futons are laid out over tatami matting, or partake in a lavish semi western room with comfortable beds and a sitting area.
 Noboribetsu is regarded as one of the finest onsen towns in Japan, with some of the highest quality geothermally heated water available. The onsen at Takinoya boasts 5 different kinds of water with differing alkaline levels, mineral content and sulphur levels. Each style of onsen water will rejuvenate your body in alternate ways, such as increased blood flow, aid the healing of neuralgia and expedite the healing of skin conditions.
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Hokkaido - Shikotsu-ko

Suizantei Club Jyozankei Ryokan

Officially tagged as the “luxury holiday for adults’ Suizantei Club is a traditional ryokan set among the lush woodlands of southern Hokkaido. Suizantei Club has forged an ethos of what they want their guests to experience which encompasses 3 main words. Food. Relaxation. Hot Spings. These principles are at the core of everything that is offered at Suizantei.

The experience at Suzantei Club is modern, luxurious and most importantly, intimate. Housing only 14 rooms, you will experience the true wonders of Japanese hospitality. The excellent service is paired with superbly designed rooms, furnished with a modern elegance that has strong ties to Japanese architectural heritage. Take a choice of Western inspired rooms or Japanese styled rooms that will see you sleeping on futons laid out over tatami matting. Rooms are generously sized and come with a private onsen that is filled with naturally occuring hot spring water

To truly experience the fundamentally sound ethos of Suizantei Club, make sure to experience the geothermally heated onsen. The onsen contains a high content of sodium chloride which will aid in the healing of dermatitis and increase blood circulation. After you have fully relaxed and unwound in the onsen, head over to Suizantei Clubs restaurant. A kaiseki style meal is served which headlines the finest and freshest locally sourced seafood, served on intricately designed china dishes.

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