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Hakone/ Mt Fuji Ryokans

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Gora Kadan Ryokan

Perched in the stunning Hakone mountain ranges, Gora Kadan offers exclusive luxury to its clientele. A style reminiscent of ancient Japan, fused with the conservative beauty of modern architecture, feel instantly relaxed as you are surrounded by natural beauty. Situated a brief 5 minute walk to central Gora, rest assured knowing that you are close to several off site amenities such as restaurants and transportation.

Keeping to their style, Gora Kadan is a traditional Japanese accommodation with all the luxurious modern facilities that you will need. However, one of the true beauties of ryokan accommodation is their hospitality. Step back, unwind and feel truly taken care of from start to finish. All rooms are serviced and come equipped with futons laid over tatami matting.
Gora Kadan has an excellent Japanese styled restaurant on site. Their exquisite menu consists of a Kaiseki style dinner, where you will partake in a large variety of smaller dishes. This culinary experience will tickle your taste buds and leave you with a fantastic appreciation for the local produce and techniques that are employed in their meals.

Natural Hot Spring
Room with Open Air Bath
Swimming Pool
Mountain View
Japanese Garden
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Ryuguden Ryokan

Surrounded by unrivaled natural beauty, Ryuguden Ryokan offers guests the chance to experience traditional Japanese accommodation on the hills above magical Lake Ashe. Set among the picturesque and serene Hakone mountain ranges and boasting almost a century of dedication to their guests, you will feel instantly welcomed by the friendly staff at Ryuguden.

Operated by one of Japan’s largest hoteliers, Prince Hotels, Ryuguden has a wealth of knowledge in delivering some of the finest luxury experiences to their clientele. Rest assured that your time at Ryuguden will be as stress free as an evening in the piping hot mineral hot bath. Their attention to details is so precise, that it rivals some of the greatest ryokans in Japan, there will be no stone left unturned during your stay. Take a step back in time and experience a traditional stay on exquisite futons laid out over high quality tatami matting.

One of the facets that has come to define the Ryuguden experience is the quality of its onsen hot baths. Sourced from deep underground, mineral rich and geothermally heated water is presented in tranquil indoor and outdoor environments. Enjoy a relaxing evening in the onsen and feel thoroughly stress free as the onsen relaxed your body and soul.
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Hoshino Resorts Kai Ryokan

Hidden luxury in the heart of Japan is at your fingertips. Escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities and harness the immense natural beauty that surrounds Hoshino Resorts Kai, Hakone. Located 90 minutes from Tokyo via train, Hoshino Kai offers an enticing and luxurious getaway for clients wishing to re-invigorate their senses. Hoshino Kai has a vibrant feel that reflects the culture and setting of hakone, paired with luxurious details ingrained in every inch of the property.

Hoshino Kai has created an environment that blends modern and ancient time periods with a fantastic elegance. Styled in ryokan fashion and boasting modern amenities found in premium hotels, Hoshino Kai’s guestrooms feature beautiful tatami matting with a low frame double bed with the highest quality linen. Take a step back in time and enjoy luxurious Yukata made of 100% flax, cooling in summer and warm in winter.

Set alongside the tranquil Sukumo river, guests have the unique opportunity to experience the wonderful sights and sounds of Hakone from the comfort of their room. Whether it be the vibrant colours of the Autumn leaves or the spectacular chirping of the small Japanese white-eye bird, take the time to absorb yourself in the environment on Hoshino Kai’s signature parquet furniture.
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Gora Hanaougi

Edo period Japan, a time which has shaped Japan’s national identity and has lead to the creation of countless items of historical significance. The Gora region of Hakone is an important part of this legacy, a key pit stop along the Tokaido trail, linking Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto between the 15th and 18th century. This has left a rich imprint on the area and Gora Hanaougi has created a timeless luxury escape for the weary traveler.

Gora Hanaougi is perched among the lush landscape of the Hakone mountain range and offers serene and tranquil sanctuary to relax in a. Sit back and unwind as you soak in a private hot spring bath overlooking the wonderful colours of the Japanese landscape and the shifting clouds in the sky, right in the comfort of your own room.

In order to offer guests a truly luxurious stay, Hanaougi has created a style which blends nostalgic history and modern comfort. This combination has created a chic and elegant environment which can be seen throughout the entire property, from guest rooms to restaurants. Enjoy the wonders of Japanese hospitality and feel right at home in the premium luxury property that is Gora Hanaougi.
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Kowakien Ten-yu Ryokan

Kowakien Ten-yu, a premium lifestyle and relaxation sanctuary set among the ancient hills of Hakone. One of the newest properties in Hakone, opened on the 20th of April 2017, Kowakien Ten-yu has the vision of an optimal blend of authentic Japanese hospitality and the wild, yet subdued, call of nature. Spend your days exploring Hakone’s boundless nature, such as Chisuji falls, then return to the comfort and luxury of a modern 5 star Ryokan.

Rejuvenate the mind and the body by exploring the wonderful options available at Kowakien Ten-yu. The spa facility, An Spa Hakone, is an oasis of relaxation which has been modelled on an traditional style Japanese home. Utilizing superior techniques and using only the finest cosmetica in treatments, such as Shiseido and Mikimoto, enjoy one of the finest pamperings in Hakone.

One of the finest features of the Kowakien Ten-yu is its fantastic hot spring facilities. Hakone is one of the preeminent hot spring towns in all of Japan, this is due to the rare and rich mineral contents of the geothermally heated water that is produced deep underground. Kowakien Ten-yu has taken a more modern spin on the traditional hot spring facility and has created an infinity hot spring. Sit back and soak in the environment with excellent views of the surrounding area, whilst the mineral rich water soothes your muscles, skin and rejuvenates your soul.

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