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Greetings from the masterminds of product and what’s what in Japan!
The past few years have been a tumultuous few. Many popular things in Japan have come and gone, and new offerings have also surfaced too.
We’re receiving a lot of questions about tours and experiences in Japan that everyone is keen to do, but some have actually stopped or changed all together! So please allow us to take this opportunity to get you up to speed with what we can offer. If you’re not keen to read a list, pick up the phone and chat to us on 1300 739 330, or send us an email at and we’ll do our best to get you up to speed so you can plan your ultimate independent or group Japan trip with us!
THE BIG ONE: Japan’s Borders!
From March 2022, entry for students and travel for business purposes is being permitted. If you need assistance with respect to transfers and accommodation for these purposes, hit us up! Currently Japan’s borders are closed to all those wishing to travel for leisure, and we will be sure to provide more information when we have word of this changing.
Accommodation, Day Tours and Experiences
On a case-by-case basis. In the case of hotels, some older hotels have closed or redeveloped, and hundreds of new hotels, apartments and Japanese-style accommodations have opened! For tours, some single-day and multi-day tours previously available before 2021 (that may still be listed on our websites) have stopped or changed entirely, and itineraries could be out of date. Check in with us on these.
Japan Rail Passes
Can be offered as normal. Please ensure your visa is eligible to be used with rail passes BEFORE purchasing and entering Japan!
JTB’s fully escorted tours
We’re working hard on preparing new offerings and securing dates where the borders are likely to be open. Watch this space!
Ghibli Tickets
Currently tickets are only available for sale on the ground from convenience stores in Japan, and are not being sold internationally for foreign tourism purposes. We will have more for you on resuming sales for these in the second half of 2022!
Disney Resort Tickets
Currently not available until further notice.
Universal Studios Tickets
Will be available when tourism resumes. For an idea of price, get in touch with us!
(Express Passes will also be available, but details are yet to be determined.)
Fuji-Q Highland Tickets
Will be available when tourism resumes. For an idea of prices, get in touch with us!
Robot Show/Restaurant
Permanently closed.
New Ghibli Theme Park in Nagoya
No details at this time – the first stage of the park is set to open in November 2022. We’ll be sure to share more on this when we have info for you!
TeamLab Borderless in Odaiba, Tokyo
Closing at the end of August 2022. No further details on if or when it will reopen at this stage.
Japan-wide Ski Arrangements
The domestic season of 2021-22 is just about wrapping up. 2022-23 queries are available on a case-by-case basis, with most becoming available to quote/book in early April 2022. If you have a specific destination you want to ask about, get in touch and we’ll dig into your specific circumstances!
Anything you want not on this list? Give us a buzz!
Phone: 1300 739 330
Citizens of Japan: need a rail pass on the fly?
We recognise that returning home isn’t what as easy as it used to be. PCR tests, visas, last minute restrictions changing! It can be a bit overwhelming.
What isn’t overwhelming? Getting a rail pass! We can arrange for you as soon as you need them, provided you meet the eligibility criterion of living outside of Japan for more than 10 years.
When you’re ready, please contact us via email on and provide us with the following:
1. Copy of your passport
2. Copy of your visa proving residency status in Australia
3. Copy of your letter from the Japanese embassy/consulate proving you have lived outside Japan for more than 10 years
5. Address for Delivery
   - a. We ask that you give us approximately two weeks’ notice for us to arrange a safe and timely delivery of rail passes amongst the status of logistics companies at the moment.